I help women between 40 and 60 get their hormones in balance so they can live happy, healthy lives.

Wondering if Menopause ever ends?

Ready to turn fat, foggy and frazzled into FABULOUS?

Dr. Anna’s Menopause Survival Kit gives you the tools you need to rock your Mojo! Your Survival Kit includes my NEW e-book, Dr. Anna’s Quick Start Guide for Escaping Hormone Hell.

If you are a woman between the ages of 40 to 60 and you’ve found your way here, I’ll bet I know a few things about you:

You are worried about the weight you’re gaining — especially your “meno-middle,” (i.e., the spare tire that just won’t go away) but are sick of trying to figure out which diet to try…OR you’ve tried them all and the needle on the scale is stuck.

Your body feels like it’s been taken over. You have irregular periods, wonky sleep cycles, adolescent-like break outs, new wrinkles every day, dry, sagging skin, hair loss, depression … basically, you feel like Hell.

You (and your family) suffer through your mood swings, and you have irritable days when nothing about your life and your body feels normal anymore.

No one seems to understand what you are going through — especially your doctor.

You look in the mirror and no longer see the vibrant, sensual woman you once were. Instead you feel trapped in a body that’s old, unattractive, and unsexy.

You’ve talked to “experts” about your symptoms, but always end up feeling more confused than when you started.

You have unpredictable night sweats and hot flashes.

You’re an empty nester searching for the answer to question: “What the heck is next?”

How’d I do? Did you nod your head and say, “Yes!” more than once?

Well, you’re in luck. You’ve landed in just the right place.

I understand that — simply put — you don’t feel like yourself anymore. And in your quiet moments when you are alone, you wonder if what you’re experiencing will ever change. There HAS to be something better out there for you.

Before you read on, I want you to know I hear you, and I understand your frustration and overwhelm.

A few years ago, I endured many of the same symptoms of menopause that you suffering through right now. As a Doctor of Pharmacy, I knew there were non-hormonal solutions out there, and I made it my mission to find them.

I started researching and testing, and discovered several options to manage my own hormonal imbalances. Relief for me came through supplements, lifestyle changes, and progesterone supplementation.

Today, I offer programs to help you with hormone balance, weight loss or finding your way in the next chapter of your life.

Isn’t it time you reclaim your sass and sizzle, so you can live your life as fully and freely as you choose?

I’d love to help. Let’s set up a time to discuss how one of my customized programs can help you put your symptoms behind you. It’s time to embrace your life, full on.

To get started, click here to set up a Get Acquainted Call. We’ll discuss your symptoms and goals, and I’ll give you the scoop on ways we can work together to get you feeling like yourself again.

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