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08 Aug 2013

Menopause Anxiety? Don’t Hit the Panic Button Just Yet.

By Holly Osterman If you were sitting in a room with a group of menopausal women, you’d expect the conversation to turn quickly to hot flashes and mood swings. So you might be surprised at the number of women who point to anxiety as their most challenging symptom. And interestingly, many of these women had never experienced any level of panic or anxiety in their...

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10 Jan 2013

What to Do When Your Hormone Orchestra’s Out of Tune

There’s a delicate balance between the hormones in a woman’s body, and if the orchestra’s out of tune, a whole host of unpleasant symptoms can surface. Common signs of imbalance may include: fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, night sweats, insomnia, hot flashes, big-time crankiness and about 27 other things you’d rather not deal with. Most of us chalk these problems up to falling estrogen levels....

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