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12 Sep 2013

The One Asset You Must Add to Your Investment Portfolio (Starting Today)

As women in midlife, we all know that we should be paying attention to our financial future. Hopefully, if we’ve invested wisely, we’ll all be able to retire from our day jobs to pursue the dreams on our bucket lists! But there’s one asset that’s often overlooked when it comes to investing. Health. Think about this. How many of us look at our health as...

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05 Sep 2013

Celebrating Menopause Awareness Month!

September is Menopause Awareness Month. Approximately 6,000 women in the United States enter this sometimes-bewildering transition called menopause each day. I believe it’s essential to provide valuable information and tips on how to manage menopause and maintain overall wellness because knowledge is power and bewilderment is not a fun place to be! Part of my mission is to encourage women to be their own healthcare...

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08 Aug 2013

Menopause Anxiety? Don’t Hit the Panic Button Just Yet.

By Holly Osterman If you were sitting in a room with a group of menopausal women, you’d expect the conversation to turn quickly to hot flashes and mood swings. So you might be surprised at the number of women who point to anxiety as their most challenging symptom. And interestingly, many of these women had never experienced any level of panic or anxiety in their...

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01 Aug 2013

Joe, You Gotta Go! 4 Great Reasons to Say “So-Long” to Caffeine

If you’re experiencing menopausal symptoms and you’ve done any research at all, one of the recommendations you’ve likely seen is to give up caffeine. This is not great news for many of us! Caffeine is addictive and the morning coffee ritual may be deeply ingrained. I feel your pain. But here’s why this is important. Caffeine opens up your blood vessels (that’s why it’s found...

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20 Dec 2012

Give Yourself the Gift of Good Health

I was talking to a prospective client a couple of weeks ago and she made a comment that has really stuck with me. I asked her what was motivating her to start taking good care of herself. She replied, “What better gift could I give my family?” And that is so true. When we give ourselves the gift of health (mental and physical), we offer...

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