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11 Jul 2014

Are You Eating Enough?

When women gain weight, their first instinct is to cut calories. Often dramatically! This approach can quickly backfire. A significant calorie deficit will result in weight loss, but often it’s at the expense of your muscle mass and metabolism. If you skimp on protein, you lose muscle mass. If you skimp on good carbs, you can lose both body fat and muscle. If you skimp...

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02 Jul 2014

Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just Me? 7 Ways to Manage Midsummer Hot Flashes

If hot flashes have your body on simmer 24/7, summer brings big challenges! Where I live, we regularly have a drippy mix of 90+% humidity and 90-degree heat. And that’s not a great combo for us hormonally-challenged gals! Hot flashes are caused by roller coaster estrogen levels. Up down, up down. And that sudden downswing is the switch that turns the heat on! So what’s...

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25 Jun 2014

Does Menopause Misery EVER End???

So. You’ve officially entered menopause. (That’s a year after your last period, in case you’re unsure.) But Nancy Night-Sweat and her obnoxious sisters haven’t gotten the message. The fun is raging on long after the date has come and gone. What’s up with that?? The ability to cruise through menopause without a hitch relates in largely to your balance of estrogen and progesterone. If the...

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18 Jun 2014

Is It Time to Break Up With Sugar??? (Part 2)

Here’s the not-so-sweet truth. We are killings ourselves by consuming truckloads of hidden sugar. Turns out that it’s not fat that’s the bad actor; it’s sugar that’s making us sick and overweight. Sugar is eight times as addictive as cocaine. Being addicted to sugar and flour is not an emotional eating disorder. It’s a biological disorder, driven by hormones and neurotransmitters that fuel sugar and...

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11 Jun 2014

Is It Time to Break Up with Sugar??? (Part 1)

Sugar and refined carbohydrates are best known for their effects on weight gain, but these foods are frequently at the root of your worst PMS and menopause symptoms too – especially when it comes to fatigue, cravings, and mood swings. From my own experience and that of my clients, I know that cutting out sugar can make a tremendous difference in how you feel. Hot...

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27 May 2014

3 Easy Ways to Tame Temptation and Avoid Unhealthy Travel Trip-Ups

Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess the baggage, the shorter the trip. -Arnold H. Glasgow Picture this. You’re making some excellent, healthy choices using your very best thinking. You’re feeling stronger, healthier and you are totally on the right track. You’re super-proud of yourself! Then it’s time for your vacation. You have visions of fruity drinks, palm trees...

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27 May 2014

How to Create Your Best Day Ever…Every Day

Ever feel like your life is a great-big ping-pong match (and you’re the ball)? You know what I’m talking about…living in reactive mode 24/7 just trying to keep the ball in play. It’s exhausting! I get it. Believe me. If you’d rather create your life instead of reacting, you need to be clear on one thing. How you want to feel every day. I didn’t...

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14 May 2014

8 Simple Steps to Avoid Estrogen Masqueraders in Your Environment

Excess estrogen can cause all kinds of unpleasant symptoms in women…bloating, breast tenderness, mood swings, irritability, insomnia and crying spells for no reason. Your ovaries make most of the estrogen in your body. That’s what Mother Nature intended. But as our society has become more industrialized, chemicals that act like estrogen can be found in our environment. They’re called xenoestrogens and they lurk in seemingly...

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23 Apr 2014

The Power of Progesterone

Let’s talk about progesterone. This magical hormone is keeps the 7 Dwarves of Menopause (Itchy, Bitchy, Bloaty, Sleepy, Sweaty, Forgetful, and Psycho) cool, calm and collected. Progesterone is the hormone that a woman’s ovaries produce in the second half of her menstrual cycle. In the first 14 days of the cycle, estrogen is in charge. Estrogen’s job is to grow the cells of the uterus...

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16 Apr 2014

The Upside of Stress

We all know too much stress is bad for your health. Chronic stress can lead to depression and set off dangerous inflammation in the body, increasing your risk for heart disease, obesity, and breast cancer. You can’t open a magazine these days without seeing an article that recommends reducing the stress in our lives. But, is there an upside to stress?  As it turns out,...

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