04 Aug 2014

The Difference between Knowing and Doing

I have a lot of really smart clients. They know lots of stuff. Many of them work in healthcare, so they keep up with the latest recommendations about how to stay healthy AND they see the results of not doing these things played out every day by the patients they care for. And even though they know what to do, they come to me…overweight, stressed...

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29 Jul 2014

Frazzled by Hot Flashes? Take a Deep Breath…

I get asked lots of questions about what works to help with hot flashes. The truth is, the data is sparse and inconsistent. A whole lot of things have been tried (herbs, antidepressants, acupuncture) with varying degrees of success depending on the study design. However, one technique called “paced respiration” has been shown to reduce the severity of hot flashes by 44%! No hormones; no...

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21 Jul 2014

6 Healthy Reasons to Pull the Plug on Your iStuff

Has your cell phone become an appendage? iPad your new bedmate? Is Facebook your new best friend? If you answered yes to any of these, it may be time to ditch the Droid for a long weekend (or more). Taking some time to enjoy life unattached to a gizmo could be more important to your overall health than you realize. Here’s why. Overusing technology is...

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02 Jul 2014

Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just Me? 7 Ways to Manage Midsummer Hot Flashes

If hot flashes have your body on simmer 24/7, summer brings big challenges! Where I live, we regularly have a drippy mix of 90+% humidity and 90-degree heat. And that’s not a great combo for us hormonally-challenged gals! Hot flashes are caused by roller coaster estrogen levels. Up down, up down. And that sudden downswing is the switch that turns the heat on! So what’s...

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27 May 2014

How to Create Your Best Day Ever…Every Day

Ever feel like your life is a great-big ping-pong match (and you’re the ball)? You know what I’m talking about…living in reactive mode 24/7 just trying to keep the ball in play. It’s exhausting! I get it. Believe me. If you’d rather create your life instead of reacting, you need to be clear on one thing. How you want to feel every day. I didn’t...

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14 May 2014

8 Simple Steps to Avoid Estrogen Masqueraders in Your Environment

Excess estrogen can cause all kinds of unpleasant symptoms in women…bloating, breast tenderness, mood swings, irritability, insomnia and crying spells for no reason. Your ovaries make most of the estrogen in your body. That’s what Mother Nature intended. But as our society has become more industrialized, chemicals that act like estrogen can be found in our environment. They’re called xenoestrogens and they lurk in seemingly...

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23 Apr 2014

The Power of Progesterone

Let’s talk about progesterone. This magical hormone is keeps the 7 Dwarves of Menopause (Itchy, Bitchy, Bloaty, Sleepy, Sweaty, Forgetful, and Psycho) cool, calm and collected. Progesterone is the hormone that a woman’s ovaries produce in the second half of her menstrual cycle. In the first 14 days of the cycle, estrogen is in charge. Estrogen’s job is to grow the cells of the uterus...

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09 Apr 2014

5 Reasons to Think Before You Drink (Especially If Your Hormone Symphony is Off-Key!)

Women are more affected by alcohol than men for a number of reasons. These include having less water in their bodies to dilute the alcohol; fewer enzymes to digest the alcohol; usually smaller body size; and hormonal differences that may affect absorption. And as women age, they metabolize alcohol less efficiently so blood alcohol levels stay higher longer. A drink a day can actually be...

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13 Feb 2014

5 Tips to Put the Sizzle Back in Your Sex Drive

I have a friend who is post-menopausal.  Whenever we talk about hormones, she says “For sure, my whores aren’t moaning, that’s the problem.” She’s being facetious, but it’s a common problem.  According to the findings of an NIH-sponsored survey published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (Feb. 10, 1999) 43 percent of women report recognizable sexual dysfunction.  In fact, 35 percent of the...

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06 Feb 2014

Time is Heart, Time is Brain

It’s easy for women to miss early symptoms of a heart attack because they’re more subtle than those in men. Immediate intervention is critical and minutes can mean life or death, so it’s a good idea for all women to be aware of the warning signs of heart attacks. Heart Attack A heart attack occurs when the blood flow to a part of the heart...

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