About Dr. Anna

When I was 45, I started to experience some vague signs that something was “off”.

I couldn’t sleep, had painful breast tenderness and was retaining water before my period. A few years later when mood swings and night sweats arrived, it felt like my body was at full-on war with itself!

As a Doctor of Pharmacy, I knew it was likely that this chaos was hormonal and I began looking for solutions.

I tested myself and using those results began to do some research. What I discovered was all kinds of non-hormonal options to help manage imbalances (in my case, low progesterone and adrenal fatigue). This was REALLY exciting for me because I have a terrible history of breast cancer in my family and knew that estrogen replacement was not going to be a good option for me. I found that up to 85% of women can be helped WITHOUT hormone replacement!

Armed with this knowledge, I asked my trainer to be my first client. She was sleeping about 3 hours a night, was gaining weight and was miserable in spite of a super-clean lifestyle. She’d had a hysterectomy a few years previously and suspected that her issues were hormonal. We tested her hormones and discovered she was very low in progesterone. I started her on progesterone cream and within 2 weeks she was sleeping 9 hours a night. Success!!

Pleased to Meet You!

I’m Dr. Anna Garrett and as a certified coach and a Doctor of Pharmacy, I help women between 40 and 60 get their hormones in balance so they can live happy, healthy lives.

I help them reclaim parts of themselves they thought were lost forever.

My mission is to guide you through managing the changes you experience in body, mind, and life during menopause. I use my health-care expertise and coach training to teach you how to maximize their mojo and escape from hormone hell.

You are NOT Alone

Let me I reassure you; the emotional ups and downs and the frustrations you feel are normal for women over 40. As our bodies age, our hormone levels change, which leads to a host of problems.

The real problem is, for years, no one has talked about it. The natural evolution of women’s bodies as they aged remained a mystery because it was spoken about in whispers, dismissed by doctors, ignored, or shamed. And if you search the Internet for answers, you quickly discover there’s a lot of conflicting information!

I want to help you feel like yourself again — and help you create the best life possible for yourself and your family!

Years of coaching my private clients have taught me that sometimes, it only takes small changes to make a BIG difference.

My job is to pull back the curtain on the mystery of what’s going on with your body, get you the results you want, and help YOU reclaim your fabulousness. I want you to get your hormones back in balance so you can enjoy life, feel like yourself again and totally rock your mojo!

My personalized Hormone Harmony Plan which is part of my 1-1 consultations, is customized using your test results and includes recommendations for lifestyle changes, supplements, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), when appropriate.

The Bottom Line

Isn’t it time you stopped suffering needlessly, and started feeling like yourself again? I want to help you make this time of your life the best one yet.

You never again need to feel you’re alone on this journey; I will hold your hand every step of the way.

Let’s figure out what’s going on so you can get your mojo back! Click here to set up a call with me and we’ll discuss how my hormone re-balancing, weight loss, and coaching services can help you feel fabulous again.

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  • The coaching I received from Dr. Anna was a great life enhancer! I now really ‘get’ that my challenges are self-created and recognize my capacity to make powerful and deliberate choices.

    The results of our work together spanned the spectrum – including practical strategies to take charge of my calendar and manage my time to shifting my focus towards greater joy and fulfillment. The progress felt easy and graceful as we focused on the small steps to achieve large goals and practiced looking at the world from a different perspective.

    Dr. Anna supported me in seeing that I can follow my bliss…and it will work! Dr. Anna’s presence and skillfulness has helped me to access a new phase of development. I feel like a rosebud opening into a rose.

    Rebecca Chaplin
    Rebecca Chaplin
    Asheville, NC
  • When I began coaching , I was depressed, hopeless about my future, and deeply discouraged by the fact that I felt so “stuck.” I started the coaching process without really knowing what I was getting myself into, but it has been a life-giving and transformative experience that has reawakened the best parts of who I am. I no longer feel aimless, powerless, or clueless about my life and my desires.

    Coaching with Dr. Anna has revived my ability to set goals and achieve them, revealed nonconstructive thought patterns, and revitalized my passion for living the life that I dream of and feel called to. I am no longer “stuck”…I am now moving forward in my life with new energy, new awareness, and an increasing sense of personal power. Coaching is the perfect approach to help you reach (and realize!) your goals in a way that is at once refreshing and paradigm-shifting.

    Megan Geiger
    Megan Geiger
    Asheville, NC
  • The time I spent in coaching helped my clarify my feelings about “old-age” issues. This really helped me get out of a funk! I made some specific life changes as a result and I find I’m not dreading this upcoming birthday. In fact, feel some enthusiasm for what is ahead! Your challenging some of my thoughts in a collegial manner was helpful as I sorted out my ‘stuff.’

    Frances Corbin
    Frances Corbin
    Asheveille, NC
  • The changes I have made since starting coaching with Dr. Anna have been many. I now realize that I have been unconscious of the intrinsic changes happening within me. Some of the conversations we’ve had were around situations that I solved easily within myself, but others led me down a path that I never expected.

    One of Dr. Anna’s gifts is her ability to just “go to the person”…sometimes my need to just talk was greater than anything else…and that is very intrinsic.

    I feel lighter, happier and more confident in my ability to solve my own problems!

    Mary Walker
    Asheville, NC
  • My nature is to “do it alone and by myself” so the thought of hiring a coach felt like I was caving in to a weakness. Ironically, I also knew that I needed help and I needed to get past my “stuff” if I want to succeed.

    Since working with Dr. Anna, I have become very clear about what I want for myself and my business. I have accomplished so much more by not going it alone in my new business. Having someone on my team that always sees my best self and holds me accountable has truly changed my world!

    Mary McCann
    Mary McCann
    Valley Stream, NY
  • By the time I met Dr. Anna I was convinced that I could not progress my love of food to a healthy level, but I was willing to give it a chance. In our first meeting I stated with great confidence, “Because of my circumstances (Chef and waitress, total accessibility to food) I cannot do this!!” She said, “Why not?” In that moment, my mind clicked over to “Yes! Why not?!” And we were on our way forward. As we engaged in conversation, my mind found its own answers through Dr. Anna’s coaching techniques.

    My coaching sessions made a difference by helping me see and hear my errors in my internal processes and I was able to make changes. I feel confident that I will reach my weight loss goal and keep on moving forward with less resistance. Thank you Dr. Anna!

    Carrie Oliver
    Asheveille, NC
  • When I started the FYBT coaching program, my life was in chaos. I was overwhelmed. My personal support system had crumbled and I was floundering.

    During my time with Dr. Anna, I was able to dust off the cobwebs and reclaim the “old me”. I am now organized, focused and have a positive outlook. I am moving forward in a goal-directed, self-assured manner. I now know how to find the calm center…focus and then tackle whatever situation comes my way!

    Jane Windle RN
    Jane Windle RN
    Etowah, NC
  • I had no clue that receiving a little help and education on nutrition and lifestyle changes could be so helpful. Each time I met with Anna, she not only gave me encouragement but also the skills I needed to help me reach my goals. Having her as an accountability partner kept me on track. Dr. Anna guided me on how to look at the whole picture of life and my big WHY for making changes in my life. We dug through the limiting beliefs I had about my health and I was able to see how I was getting in the way of my success. She helped me realize that there really are no good excuses when it comes to your health. There is always time to exercise and planning that can be done to help with meals so that you can reach your goals.

    Working with a coach is a wonderful experience. You definitely learn more about yourself than you thought you knew, and the encouragement and education you receive gets you farther much faster than you can do on your own. Fifty (50!) pounds later, I am living proof of that!

    Katie Boyd
    Katie Boyd
    Asheville, NC