Are You Shutting Off Natural Hormone Production?
13 Dec 2017

Are You Shutting Off Natural Hormone Production?

A very common misconception is that we should not be supplementing hormones because it shuts off the body’s natural ability to make hormones. I understand where this thinking comes from. Hormone production is a feedback loop in your brain, so when your hormones are low, your brain turns on and says “make more hormones”. The only problem with this thinking is that in situations like perimenopause, where you aren’t ovulating regularly, the feedback loop can’t work correctly.

If you hear that you shouldn’t be supplementing hormones, do not believe it. I made this video to clear up this myth. I want you to understand what’s really going on with your body in perimenopause and menopause.

Dr. Anna Garrett is a menopause expert and Doctor of Pharmacy. She helps women who are struggling with symptoms of perimenopause and menopause go from surviving to thriving using natural hormone balancing solutions. 

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  1. A scenario in which a female in her early 40s has her final ovary removed due to her having endometriosis issues. She is struggling with bouts of depression, moodiness, insomnia, UTI prone, brain fog, sore breasts and weight loss. She was a highly productive professional who is now so different she can no longer remember to take her vitamins regularly. Her marriage is suffering as a result of the personality changes and lack of ability to get tasks completed. The doctor prescribed Estrodial Gel. That’s all, just the gel. She was taking that post surgically until she felt it was doing more harm than good. Months later, she is no better. Insomnia is worse which leads to the degredation of all other system operations. My question is, even without ovaries, is it your understanding that the body still produces some of the sex-based hormones? Our foods (whole, raw, herbal, & organic), essential oils, etc. mimic the effects of estrogen. Should the doctor have prescribed more than Estradiol Gel IF the woman is otherwise healthy AND should she be taking HRT to include pregesterone and testosterone? What about pregnalone, the precursor to them all?

    Many thanks in advance for any information you may offer.

    • Does this woman still have a uterus? Your body does still make some hormones in fat tissue and adrenals, but it’s a small amount. I find that many women need the support of HRT in this scenario (all 3 hormones depending on symtpoms). I don’t normally use pregnenolone because it’s not possible to predict exactly how much of each hormones will be made.

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