The Menopause Cure We Need
06 Sep 2017

The Menopause Cure We Need

September is Menopause Awareness Month. Approximately 6,000 women in the United States enter this sometimes-bewildering transition called perimenopause each day.

If you’re in the middle of perimenopause, you might be shaking your head wondering why we need a month for increased awareness. For some women, it seems like the signs never let up. But the truth is, many women (especially those in the 35-40 age range) haven’t got a clue when it comes to signs of dwindling hormones or what to expect once they are officially menopausal.

There is an overwhelming amount of conflicting data surrounding the efficacy and safety of “treatments” for menopause symptoms.

In fact, this past week a woman let me have a cyber-earful for what she perceived as my promotion of a therapeutic option (progesterone) that she believes causes cancer. This woman is an OB-GYN nurse and a breast cancer survivor and yet she is clearly confused about the data and the facts.

As a healthcare provider, she’s out there sharing information with patients that is just wrong. The interchange I had with her clearly illustrates the need for getting the facts straight! There is not ONE shred of evidence to support that progesterone has anything to do with cancer. In fact, it’s been shown to have a protective effect against breast cancer.

I recently checked out a naturopath’s web site only to see that he is promoting supplements to “turn the body’s progesterone production back on”. If you are in perimenopause or menopause….that hormone is not coming back. That ship has sailed. There is no way to turn it back on if you are not ovulating, no matter what you do.  

Is there any wonder there are so many confused women??? Is there any wonder that so many women are turning to Facebook groups to get advice from people who have no business giving it? Doing so can turn out to be very expensive in the long run.

Tweet: We all need to become savvier consumers to know what benefits (or harms) us, and how we can achieve optimal health.

Given the amount of information that is at our fingertips today, I believe it’s essential to provide ACCURATE information and tips on how to manage menopause and maintain overall wellness.  Knowledge is power, and being constantly in a state of confusion is exhausting and scary. Part of my mission in my business is is to encourage women to be their own healthcare advocates and to take greater responsibility for managing their health, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Menopause is not a disease that needs to be “treated”, but there are ways to help manage hormone imbalance symptoms. We all need to become savvier consumers to know what benefits (or harms) us, and how we can achieve optimal health before, during and beyond menopause. This is the cure we need.

Remember, YOU know your body better than anyone and you are your own best advocate when it comes to making healthcare choices. Make it your business to learn all you can about your body, how it works and what your options are when it comes to managing menopause.

Dr. Anna Garrett is a menopause expert and Doctor of Pharmacy. She helps women who are struggling with symptoms of perimenopause and menopause find natural hormone balancing solutions so they can rock their mojo through midlife and beyond. Her clients would tell you that her real gift is helping them reclaim parts of themselves they thought were gone forever.

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