What Keith Urban and a Pull Up Have in Common
28 Apr 2016

What Keith Urban and a Pull Up Have in Common

It would have been easier to stay in the basement and hope that he’d show up.

But, there was just one problem. It was Idol finale night and the chances that Keith Urban would come to the bowels of the Dolby Theatre where I was hanging out were less than zero. And I was on a mission.

Here’s the story.

I’m an American Idol fan. I got a backstage pass to the Idol finale this season from my high school friend, Chris.

From the time I knew I was going, I thought about how I could meet Keith Urban. Hoping for a chance encounter seemed like a long shot. And there was no way to set it up in advance. My friend didn’t know the right “people.”

So, I decided to use the strategy that had helped me do my first pull up. Visualization.

In January of 2014, I set a goal of doing one pull up by my 55th birthday. My trainer told me he would be surprised if I could because women (especially 54-year-old women) usually don’t have the upper body strength to do it. I was not deterred by his lack of enthusiasm and each day when I went to the gym, I’d give it a try. But I never could get all the way up.

So I decided to try a different approach. I’d lie in bed when I woke up and SEE myself with my chin over that bar. I clearly visualized that, morning after morning, while still attempting to do it at each visit. On April 16, 2014, I walked into the gym, stood underneath the bar, grabbed it and pulled myself all the way up and over. Mission accomplished!

On the day of the Idol finale show, I decided visualization and channeling my inner 14-year-old was my best shot at meeting Keith Urban.

I was very clear about the outcome. Would Harry Connick do instead? No. How about J-Lo? Heck no. I had one single point of focus.

I took a walk the morning of the show and visualized the whole scene. What it would feel like. What I would say. I could see our photo together as clear as day.

I launched my intention into the Universe.

When the show ended, Chris, Susan and I headed for the basement of the Dolby Theatre for a little post-event celebration with Chris’ co-workers. At some point I looked at her and said, “I REALLY want to meet Keith Urban. And he’s not coming to the basement.” She said, “Let’s go upstairs and walk around and see who’s up there. I’ve been emailing with his manager about schedule stuff but I’ve never met him and I’d like to say hello and thank you.”

Intention activated!

Two flights up, there they both were. Keith and his manager, who hooked us up as fast as you could say “PLEASE.” We chatted, we hugged, we took photos. I’m sure I acted like a 14-year old!

Powerful Tool or Lucky Break?

You may be thinking I got a lucky break. But here’s what I believe. We all have the power to use visualization to achieve our dreams and goals. Elite athletes do it. Successful business people do it. Women who want nothing more than that first pull up do it.

Tweet: We all have the power to use visualization to achieve our dreams and goals.

The daily practice of visualizing what you want as already complete accomplishes 4 very important things:

1. It activates your creative subconscious so you start generating ideas to get you where you want to go.

2. It programs your brain to create a mental checklist of the resources you’ll need to achieve your dream.

3. It activates the Law of Attraction.

4. It gives you more of the internal motivation to take action to reach your goals.

Visualization is simple and there are many ways to do it. Get in to a comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine, in as much detail as possible, what would be happening if the dream you have had already come true. Imagine the scene, smells, colors, what you’re saying, who is with you, etc. I did it as a walking meditation.

Do this for a few minutes a day. The best times are when you wake up, after meditating or praying or before bed. You’re most likely to be relaxed at these times.

Or make a vision board if you prefer.

What’s YOUR dream? Whether it’s becoming fitter and stronger, buying your dream house or retiring at 55, I invite you to try visualization as a tool to help you. Not sure where to start? Email me at info@drannagarrett.com and let’s talk.


Dr. Anna Garrett is a menopause expert and Doctor of Pharmacy. She helps women who are struggling with symptoms of perimenopause and menopause find natural hormone balancing solutions so they can rock their mojo through midlife and beyond. Her clients would tell you that her real gift is helping them reclaim parts of themselves they thought were gone forever.

Find out more about working with her at http://www.drannagarrett.com/work-with-me/.


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