How to Lower Your Cortisol in 4 Minutes
25 Feb 2016

How to Lower Your Cortisol in 4 Minutes

We live in a soundbite, fragmented world. Some days it feels like you’ve been tossed into your Vitamix with no escape route.

All of this rushing around leads to high cortisol which creates a LOT of problems you don’t want like insomnia, weight gain, anxiety and that wired but tired feeling most of us know too well.

The cure for high cortisol is managing stress. And one way to manage stress is to spend time in nature… just being present and appreciating everything that surrounds you. Trees, flowers, birds, the smell of the woods, wind rustling through the trees.

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Or perhaps it’s stopping long enough to view a gorgeous sunrise or sunset.

I am finishing up a vacation in Kaua’i as I write this. And last week, I decided to create 4-minute video of the sunset from our condo. I posted it on Facebook and got lots of “thank-yous” for the chance to pause.

So I offer this to you today as a pause.  Click the link below and give yourself a 4-minute break during your hectic day. Or save it til bedtime if you need to unwind.



p.s…I’d love to see what beauty looks like in YOUR world. Please post a video or image to share with us in the comments section or in the Hormone Harmony Club on Facebook.

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