Be Your Own Valentine (BYOV): 5 Reasons to Write a Love Letter to Yourself
11 Feb 2016

Be Your Own Valentine (BYOV): 5 Reasons to Write a Love Letter to Yourself

Cupid’s back again.

The cynics are bitching about jacked-up flower prices. The newly-in-love are going all out with cards and teddy bears and expensive dinners. And if you’re not in a love relationship, well, it’s hard to give Valentine’s Day anything more than an eye-roll.

But what if we all looked at it differently this year?

Why not write a love letter to yourself? Here’s why:
  1. Being appreciated feels awesome. Why not take responsibility for creating that feeling?
  2. Loving yourself clears the way for others to love you. It means they don’t have to trek through your self-loathing, self-doubt or self-criticism to find your heart.
  3. Loving yourself enables you to share more love with others. Said another way, when you generate love, you’re more likely to share it.
  4. The longest relationship you’ll ever have is the one you’re in with yourself. It’s also the most intimate.
  5. It’s amazing what happens when you treat yourself the way you’d like others to treat you.

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Let’s Do This!

Use this simple 3-step process to get started:

Step 1

Write a heartfelt letter of gratitude, appreciation and love to yourself about yourself. What do you love, admire and value about yourself? What qualities in yourself are you grateful for? Take some time, put some conscious and generous thoughts and feelings into it and allow yourself to boldly express your love for yourself.

Step 2

Put the letter in a sealed envelope with your name, address and a stamp on it.

Step 3

Give the letter to someone you trust and ask them to drop it in the mail to you at some point in the next year (without telling you when they do it).

As with most things in the Universe, It will show up at the perfect time and probably on a day you could really use some appreciation and acknowledgment. And, the best part of all is that the love and validation will come from you!

If this is uncomfortable for you, you’re not alone. But here’s the thing. Self-love is an amazing gift and you really can’t love other people fully until you love yourself.

This year, be brave and push the edges of your comfort zone. And when that letter surprises you in the coming year, the discomfort of doing this will be a vague memory.

Dr. Anna Garrett is a menopause expert and Doctor of Pharmacy. She helps women who are struggling with symptoms of perimenopause and menopause find natural hormone balancing solutions so they can rock their mojo through midlife and beyond. Her clients would tell you that her real gift is helping them reclaim parts of themselves they thought were gone forever.

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Dr. Anna Garrett


  1. Felice Befenson Says: February 11, 2016 at 9:06 am

    What a wonderful concept
    I am going to do it
    After my hysterectomy at 65 still looking 45 I met the great love of my life because I generated who I am. Fighting with getting the bio identical score right and other things I felt I had lost me! Now refinding me.
    At 67 I am past the age you help but I coach ESL and am vital , strong and just learning to love me
    Thank you for the steps
    And thank me for me:)

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