Life is Short: What Will You Stop Tolerating in 2015?
31 Dec 2014

Life is Short: What Will You Stop Tolerating in 2015?

There’s a lot in life we tolerate. Some of it we have little control over (taxes, bad weather, traffic). But there’s a good chunk we suck up even when we don’t have to.

We ignore the check engine light, give the stink eye to the socks our partners toss on the floor, put up with the critical friend, and mindlessly accept the annoyances that drain our energy. And we become numb to the negative impact these things have on our lives.

What exists in your life right now that isn’t quite the way you’d like it to be?

Maybe it’s the clutter piled up in your office or bedroom or your car. Or the oil that needs to be changed in your car.

Or maybe it’s something bigger—like a home that doesn’t meet your needs or friends who are walking all over you. Think about it. Those things in your life that are out of alignment are more than just annoyances.

They actually drain your energy and distract you from what matters most to you.

I call these things “tolerations.”

Imagine for a moment that each toleration in your life is a rock tied to your ankle. One or two of those rocks wouldn’t necessarily slow you down. But if there were 15 or 20, you’d probably have a hard time moving! Same with incompletions and tolerations. If they’re piling up and weighing you down, they can stop you in your tracks.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck in your life, I invite you to ask yourself this question: “What am I putting up with right now?” Make a list of at least five things in your home, work, relationships, and health. Here are a few examples:

  • Messy closets
  • Friendships that are not reciprocal
  • A spouse who is verbally abusive
  • Appliances that need to be fixed
  • Able-bodied adult children who constantly need to be bailed out of financial difficulty
  • Walls that need to be painted
  • A car that needs maintenance
  • Piles of mail that need to be sorted
  • A job you hate
  • Putting yourself last on your to-do list

If you’re having trouble making your list, use this tool to identify your challenging areas. Prioritize the things that are making you the craziest. Then create an action plan to begin eliminating these sniggly nuisances from your life.

Not sure where to start? Let’s talk! Working with a coach to jump-start your action plan can be just the ticket to get you moving. I offer a complimentary 30-minute call to explore ways in which we might work together.

Dr. Anna Garrett

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