The Dollars and Cents of  Menopause Relief
04 Nov 2014

The Dollars and Cents of Menopause Relief

Show me a woman who isn’t starved: Starved for time, money, and let’s be honest, a little sanity!

At Menopause Chicks, I’m on a mission to crack open the conversation on one of the most natural of life’s occurrences–yet one of the most taboo and misunderstood subjects: Menopause & perimenopause. People will happily discuss sex, religion…even money, before they’re willing to talk about (whisper): the “M” word.

And speaking of money…when I initially lifted the lid on the topic of menopause, little did I realize how freaking expensive a pleasant menopause experience can be! Who knew you needed a savings account just for this?

Researching and “shopping” for your best healthcare provider takes a whack (that’s Canadian for a LOT) of time and money, and favorable treatment options are often not covered by insurance.

Here’s my own experience:

Feeling quite “kookoo” (couldn’t sleep, major mood swings, HUGE brain fog, bad cramps, and unpredictable periods) in my early 40s, I felt the need to explore what was available to me in the way of managing–even curtailing–what seemed to be symptoms of perimenopause. What I found was a little jaw-dropping:

ShirleyTable2Other areas that I am personally interested in exploring include counseling, acupuncture and yoga. All can cost $100 or more per month, and again, our extended medical plan covers $500 per person per year (except yoga).

For some women, this investment is well worth it because the payoff is huge in terms of quality of life. But for others, this kind of spend isn’t feasible without going into debt. And that just adds to the overwhelm. (As an FYI, Dr. Anna offers a very reasonably priced hormone testing package.)

Here is a concept I’m currently dreaming about: I call it Imagine a bursary fund or scholarship or some sort of pool of available funding (and potential access to pro-bono services donated by health professionals) so women challenged by available resources can access the same powerful information & preventative measures.

No one would suffer in silence and everyone would have the opportunity to feel empowered and become their own best healthcare advocate…to menopause & beyond!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about menopause and money. Share your ideas in the comments below.

Shirley Weir, 47, lives in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada. She is the founder of and she is on a mission to crack open the conversation on perimenopause & menopause, and help women navigate the journey that is best for them. was recently selected by as one of the top menopause blogs of 2013.


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