What To Do When You Feel Like Caving In
25 Sep 2014

What To Do When You Feel Like Caving In

My client, Sarah, is experiencing something perfectly normal. She’s right.on.the.edge. of stepping into a new, healthy lifestyle. But the shiny newness of the changes she is making is beginning to wear off.

Sarah is a successful business coach who wears her merit badge of “busy-ness” proudly. But her body wasn’t feeling the love of all her rushing around and it began to speak to her with weight gain, insomnia and fatigue. When the needle on the scale continued to climb no matter what she did, she came to me for hormone testing. Her results showed she has adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominance.

We worked together to create a new lifestyle plan to support her body that minimized processed foods and she (grudgingly) eliminated caffeine and wine. Sarah added sleep back to her to-do list and began taking supplements to balance estrogen and give her adrenals the support they need.

Three weeks later, she checked in with me.

“I feel noticeably better. I feel lighter and can immediately tell when I eat a food that doesn’t agree with my system. It has driven me to consistently make better dietary choices. Did I tell you that I lost 10 lbs? Thank God.”

“Perfect”, I thought. “She’s IN!

But the next week, I received this message:

“I have a few questions about modifying the amount of vitamins/herbs that I am taking. I don’t like taking anything and it’s too many. Can I adjust the amount after 30 days? Will I need to take another saliva test before we can determine that? Lastly, I am not losing weight and I am ready to take off the next 10 pounds.

I thought I could just put my old lifestyle on hold and go back to it in a month or so. If I have to keep this up, I’m going to need a LOT more accountability.”

Uh oh…

My first thought was WHY? Why in the world she would want to go back to living in a way that made her feel terrible?

But, I get it. Making change is hard. You can’t do it on autopilot. It takes energy and thought. And with health, there is no magical land of “I’m there, so I’ll go back to my old life.”

Just ask anyone who’s lost and gained the same 30 lbs over and over again.

The newness of IN wears off…and it’s easier to just be “interested”.

What Sarah doesn’t yet realize yet is that a day will come where she is so steeped in her changes that they’ll be automatic. And she’s done most of the hard part already!

When you find yourself wavering on the brink of “interested” vs. “committed”, try this:

  1. Visualize your WHY. What do you want to do, be or have as a result of creating better health?
  2. Keep taking action (even if it’s imperfect).
  3. Remember that any change (no matter how small) is still change.
  4. Give yourself the gifts of kindness, grace and patience. Whatever your situation is, it likely did not happen overnight. Creating the results you want is a process; learn from the journey.

Sarah and I had a quick coaching call and she got back on board. She’s got a better understanding now of the physiology of what we’re doing, what each supplement is for, and how it will make a difference.

And her next step? Getting back into her skinny jeans!

If you’re ready to lose the muffin top and rock your skinny jeans, check out www.losefatover40. We’d love to have you in our community. Past participants have taken off 10-15 lbs on average during the 12-week program. Classes start September 30 at 7pm EDT and will be recorded if you can’t make them.

Dr. Anna Garrett

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