27 May 2014

How to Create Your Best Day Ever…Every Day

WomanOutstretchedArmsEver feel like your life is a great-big ping-pong match (and you’re the ball)? You know what I’m talking about…living in reactive mode 24/7 just trying to keep the ball in play. It’s exhausting!

I get it. Believe me.

If you’d rather create your life instead of reacting, you need to be clear on one thing. How you want to feel every day.

I didn’t understand how powerful this kind of clarity could be until pretty recently. I was on a call one day with my former coach and I was going on and on about different opportunities and how I didn’t know what to do or whether any of them were a good idea…on and on, blah, blah, blah.

In the middle of the conversation, she stopped me and said, “How do you want to feel every day?”

I had never stopped to consider that THIS might be important to know.

My assignment from that call was to choose 3-5 feeling states that I want to have every day.

I started writing. And the list was long. Very, very long. But as I studied it, groups of words started to emerge and from each group, I was able to pick one overarching word. I made my list of 5 words (I call them Lighthouse Words).

If you’re wondering why this is so important, here’s the deal. Now, when anything comes my way (an opportunity, a request, an unhealthy choice), I’m able to consider it and see how it aligns with my 5 words.

If it doesn’t align with my Lighthouse Words, I don’t do it.

Plain. Simple. No drama. Maximum mojo!

I no longer allow my life be a ping pong match. I let Ease, Generous, Healthy, Powerful and Joy do the heavy lifting for me!

How about you? How would you like to feel every day? I invite you to spend some time with this…then pop over to my blog page and let me know what words help YOU create your best day ever…every day.

Dr. Anna Garrett

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